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10 Sweet Gifts for Your Boyfriend Traveling Abroad

Your boyfriend comes to you with news about an exciting new opportunity—his dream opportunity—to travel and/or study abroad. You’re thrilled for him and his pursuit of adventure… mostly.

Let’s not think about the ways this arrangement will launch you into a long-distance relationship just yet. You must focus on being as supportive as possible. That means listening to him talk endlessly about his future travel plans, but also brainstorming ways you can be there for him while you’re back home.

This is the perfect excuse to shop! 😍

To wish him well and send him on his journey, consider buying him thoughtful going away gifts for a boyfriend. It’s the perfect time to start collecting ideas of gifts for a boyfriend traveling abroad—something to remember you by and remind him how much you care.

10 awesome going away gifts for a boyfriend

The best gifts for a boyfriend traveling abroad are built for travel—you probably want to save that glass picture frame for a later celebration. The following items are tried-and-true travel / study abroad gifts to a boyfriend that past travelers have loved.

1. Personal Recordable Plush

teddy bear gifts for boyfriend traveling abroad

Yes, it’s a teddy bear, but hey, boyfriends like to cuddle, too! You can record a special message into the bear, and every time he starts to miss you, he can always give the bear a little squeeze and hear your voice. With time differences, you might not always be able to give each other a call like you used to, but this will ease the burden between Skype dates and time zone math.

Other romantic gifts for a boyfriend traveling abroad:

2. Portable Photo Album to Display

picture album as gifts for boyfriend traveling abroad

One of the most classic going away gifts for a boyfriend is a picture frame; but with this portable photo album, you can step it up a notch. If a picture is worth a thousand words, then this gift is worth five thousand! Remind him of special moments and adventures you’ve shared together—and that you’re anxious to make more memories once he’s back! He can place it in his study abroad dorm and always be reminded of you. It’s way better than forcing him to scroll through his phone photos all the time!

3. The World According to Mister Rogers: Important Things to Remember

mister rogers travel gifts for a boyfriend

One of the most thoughtful going away gifts for a boyfriend is a whimsical book for when homesickness sets in. Life abroad can be exciting, but it can also be a little lonely. You’re so far away from everyone you know and love. Gift him this to keep him grounded. Mr. Rogers might seem like something “just for kids,” but he has tons of wisdom to pass on, even to the most serious of adults. And besides, he was in a long-distance relationship, too!

4. Sterling Silver Coordinates Ring

jewelry travel gifts for a boyfriend

These beautiful sterling silver rings can be customized with the coordinates of where you met, your first kiss, your first trip abroad together—whatever comes to mind! Since these are designed for stacking, so you don’t even need to pick one single location. If jewelry isn’t his thing, you can always slide it on a chain so he can keep your “places” close to his heart.

5. Tortuga Travel Backpack

Here’s a study abroad gift for your boyfriend that he’ll love—a high quality travel backpack! Nothing says “I support you and your adventures” than this essential piece of travel equipment. No one makes backpacks as well as Tortuga, so a gift like this ensures his pack won’t rip mid-weekend jaunt or soak the contents in that unexpected rainstorm. The price point of this backpack may be a little steep for a student budget, but think of travel gifts for a boyfriend like these as an early birthday or holiday present, too!

6. Travel Pillow

travel pillow travel gifts for a boyfriend

One of the best travel gifts for your boyfriend is a travel pillow or neck pillow. They’re so helpful, but people tend not to invest in one for themselves—voila, an ideal gift scenario! Transoceanic flights means lots of snoozing in transit, and that’s even before he starts planning cross-continental train trips or 24+ hour bus rides overland. Stiff necks and aching shoulders from sleeping in an upright position is not the jam. But with this travel pillow, he’ll be able to sleep just fine—you’re so considerate!

Other awesome travel pillow gifts for a boyfriend traveling abroad:

7. Portable Charger

Plug-access-stress is real, especially for travelers who are on the go! Make sure his battery doesn’t drop to zero by gifting him a portable charger (or two!). This will make those long trips (see above) even more bearable, and will help him stay easily connected to you for quick snaps and “I love you” messages. That’s what makes it one of the most oft-purchased study abroad gifts to a boyfriend!

8. LifeStraw Go Water Filter Bottle

water bottle study abroad gifts to a boyfriend

Does your boo love practical going away gifts? Your boyfriend will love adding this LifeStraw to his travel backpack, which will give him instant access to potable water—no matter where he ends up. Because of its unique filter, this reusable straw can remove 99.99% of waterborne bacteria and protozoa without the use of chemicals or batteries, ensuring safe, clean drinking water whether you get your water from a fountain, lake, or stream.

9. How to Read the Menu

book going away gifts for a boyfriend

Is your boyfriend going to be traveling abroad where French, Spanish, or Italian is the main language? Don’t let him go hungry. These three books are small enough to carry in your pocket or wallet and contain common words for menu items. Your boyfriend will be able to order something off the menu with confidence.

10. Kindle

kindle going away gifts for a boyfriend

When traveling, your partner might find himself with a lot of downtime. If he’s a big reader, gift him a Kindle. He can carry hundreds of books with him on the go. The Kindle Oasis has nifty features such as being waterproof, a battery that can last for weeks, and adjustable lighting so your boyfriend can read anywhere—day or night.

He’ll love these gifts for a boyfriend traveling abroad!

No matter what gifts you get your boyfriend traveling abroad, he’s sure to love whatever you get him. These gifts are just a starting off point for ideas that are both practical and meaningful.

What other incredible gifts for a boyfriend traveling abroad did we miss?

This article was written by Sheenah Freitas.