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7 Great Gifts for Someone Moving Abroad

These days, it seems almost everyone has a friend studying/working/traveling/living overseas. (Maybe even a friend you met abroad and never lost touch!). Receiving gifts from friends back home lets them know they are still loved and thought about no matter the distance. Maybe you want to make your friend’s birthday special even if you aren’t there, or maybe your BFF is making a short visit home after one year away, or maybe you gave up waiting and decided to hop on a plane to visit them. No matter what the occasion, we’ve found some great gifts for someone moving abroad. 

The best gifts for someone moving abroad

1. Airline Gift Card

Southwest Airlines Gift Card

An airline gift card makes a great gift for anyone who likes to travel, but it makes an even better gift for long distance friends! It’s time to give your friend a hint that it has been way too long since your last hang out by covering (part of) the cost for their flight back. Especially good as a long distance friendship gift if “home” is no longer the same place for you, too. They’ve already booked one flight, but they may need an extra flight to come see you – with an airline gift card you can make that happen! 

2. Portable Printer

Polaroid ZIP Wireless Mobile Photo Mini Printer

If you need a gift idea when visiting friends abroad, look no further than this portable printer. You will have snapshots of your memories literally at your fingertips in seconds! It’s travel size, compatible with android and iOS, and prints 2” x 3” sticky back photos. Just download the app and print over bluetooth from your phone and social media accounts. Even if you aren’t going for a visit, these make gifts for someone moving abroad if they love to share photos.

3. Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 Instant Camera

Fujifilm instax Mini 9 Instant Camera

Another FUN gift idea when visiting friends abroad – a compact instant camera for selfies and photo shoots galore! Prints roughly 2” x 3” polaroid-like photos and comes with a pack of film sheets for 20 photos. You’ll both end the trip with photo memories to take home with you, and she’ll have a camera to use on your next visit too 😉 

4. Virtual Games to Play Together

The Jackbox Party Pack 3

We know, we can’t take long gaps without communication either. These interactive long distance friendship gifts not only help to fill those gaps, but make them way more entertaining, too! This Jackbox Party Pack comes with 5 virtual games that can be played with up to 8 people at a time. It’s an app to be downloaded (so no shipping required) and can be played on phones, tablets, or computers.

5. Custom Location Coordinates Rings

Custom Location Coordinates Ring Dainty Coordinates Stackable Band Latitude Longitude Ring

Your friend isn’t just studying abroad, she is MOVING overseas. Time to break out the best friendship rings on the planet. These coordinate rings are adorable gifts for long distance friends. Choose between a sterling silver, 18K gold, or rose gold finish, and customize with hand engraved coordinates or symbols. Swap coordinates so she’s still always “with” you, or pick a spot that holds special meaning for you both.

6. Airbnb Gift Card—Or Choose a Virtual Airbnb Experience to Do Together!

Airbnb $50 Gift Card

Since Airbnb is so commonly used, an Airbnb gift card makes perfect sense when it comes to gifts for someone moving abroad. While the gift card can only be shipped within the US, it can be used internationally with the card number number and code (can be added to your friends Airbnb account). OR get creative and use the gift card as an interactive long distance friendship gift! Airbnb offers virtual experiences you’ll be able to watch/learn from/adventure through together.  

7. Smartphone Camera Lens Kit

Olloclip Multi-Device Clip with 3-in-1 Essential Lens Kit

Do you have a social media influencer/travel blogger friend? Or someone who just LOVES good pics? This camera lens kit works great as gifts for someone moving abroad who want to step up their smartphone photography game. Compatible with most devices and camera apps, the portable clip offers 3 different lenses and works well with video, time-lapse, live-broadcasting, and panorama, too. Plus a bonus bluetooth wireless remote makes for an easy click. 

What other personal or interactive long distance friendship gifts did we miss?

Whether you need a gift idea when visiting friends abroad or long distance friendship gifts while you’re apart, we hope we covered it all with these 7 gift ideas. No matter what you choose as your gift idea for overseas friends, they will be immediately filled with absolute joy hearing from you. As they say, “close together or miles apart,”…friends are forever in the heart! 

Here’s a recap of our the best gifts for someone moving abroad:

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