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7 Great Gifts for Travel Lovers

So your friend is preparing for his/her next adventure and you are looking for a selection of perfect gifts for travel lovers. Well, look no further. As travel lovers ourselves, we’ve compiled a list of 7 sure-to-be-used gifts for people who love to travel. From books, to gear, to gadgets, these unique gift ideas will have your friend saying, “this is exactly what I’ve been wanting/looking for” – or at least – “what I didn’t even know I needed!”  

As an added bonus, these gifts will be appreciated both while they’re out on the road and when they are safely back home. Now the question isn’t what should you buy, but which one should you buy for your traveling friend. We’ll do our best to help you decide…

The best gifts for travel lovers

1. The Bucket List

The Bucket List: 1000 Adventures Big & Small

No matter if it’s your friend’s very first trip abroad or 10th plane ride to somewhere exotic, a book of 1,000 things to do and see is sure to entice them. Especially if they have a heart for seeking adventures and unique experiences, this is one of the best gifts for travel lovers. The book is roughly 500 pages and the bucket list is categorized by longitude (interesting!), including both well-known sights and localized activities. 

2. Travel Stub Diary

Travel Stub Diary

Anyone who has spent time traveling knows their suitcase quickly fills with brochures, maps, and ticket stubs – usually with a plan to make a scrapbook, but often ending up in the trash can. This travel diary is the perfect gift for someone who loves to travel but who may not be good at staying organized. Protective sleeves preserve photos, postcards, and other memorabilia, while margins leave room for notes and favorite local sayings. At the end of her trip, she’ll be happy to show off her neatly kept memories. 

3. Setout Travel Backpack from Tortuga

Setout Travel Backpack Men's Fit: 45L Maximum-Sized Carry On Backpack

For the smart (or wanna-be-smart) packer, a travel backpack is JUST the thing they need. If you’re looking for gifts for people who love to travel without the inconvenience of heavy luggage and baggage fees, this 45L carry-on size backpack will do the trick. It wears like a backpack but opens like a suitcase and includes laptop and zipper compartments. Plus it’s durable and flexible so you’ll be amazed by how much can fit inside! 

4. GoPro Hero 8


Who doesn’t want a GoPro these days? So when thinking of gifts for travel lovers, who have the chance to take some amazing shots around the world, a GoPro is a clear choice. If your friend is entering the travel blogging/vlogging world, they will need a superior camera to compete with the rest. With wide views and smooth views, the Hero 8 has many features for filming and live-streaming – seriously, you’ll need to click the link cuz it’s too long for us to list!

5. Sony Noise Canceling Headphones

Sony Noise Cancelling Headphones

For a more unique gift idea for a travel lover, try these noise canceling headphones. Your friends will not know they need them, but they absolutely do. Whether they need to take work calls while on the road or need to fall asleep in noisy planes and cities, they will want to take these headphones everywhere they go. Perks include quick charging, 30 hour battery life, endless comfort, premium quality, and easily adjustable volume. 

6. Watercolor Scratch Off Map

Scratch Off Map of The World

A way to show off the world’s beauty while showing off your beautiful travels! This is a creative and artsy gift for someone who loves to travel. Your friend will be able to scratch off her completed destinations to reveal a watercolor design, while searching the map for her next journey. It comes with a scratching tool and memory stickers, and it’s large size and vibrant  colors make it an excellent wall decoration. 

7. AirBnB Gift Card

Airbnb Gift Cards

For a more practical gift for people who love to travel, pick something to help them as they go. AirBnB is a heavily used source for stays around the world, so a gift card can come in handy at any time. Even if your friend is typically a hostel-staying traveler, having a night with a private bed and bathroom in an AirBnB rental may be just the treat they need. 

What other gifts for travel lovers did we miss?

We hope you found what you were looking for in our list of 7 best gifts for travel lovers. From encouraging, to professional, to decorative, to practical – any of these gifts are sure to please people who love to travel. The only thing you’ll need to worry about now is how to hint that they should take you with them next time! 😉

Here’s a recap of our great gifts for travel lovers!