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7 Great Gifts for Couples Who Travel

So your coworker and her boo are travel addicts. Or maybe your friend likes to surprise his partner with spontaneous trips. As hard as it may be, you know the right thing is not to get jealous, but rather to celebrate their combined love for adventure! Whether they have a planned trip coming up or you want to inspire their next excursion, we’ve got a list of 7 great gifts for couples who travel together.

The best gifts for couples who travel

1. Personalized Luggage Tags

Personalized Luggage Tags

Help make their luggage stand out in the crowd. These luggage tags are perfect wedding or anniversary gifts for couples who like to travel. Can choose between 3 styles of personalized engraving, customized with the couples names. And it comes in 12 different color combos, so you can cater to the couple’s color personality. 

2. A Headphone Splitter

Headphone Splitter

No longer do they have to fight over headphones while traveling, or try to watch a movie with only one earbud each. With this high quality and universal compatibility headphone splitter, they will be able to share movies, music, games and more while on their 12 hour international flight or using their interrail pass. I’m sure you can imagine why this is one of the best gifts for couples who travel!

3. A Pair of Travel Coffee Mugs

Pair of Travel Coffee Mugs

When your body is adjusting to time changes, you may need coffee at any odd hour of the day. These travel coffee mugs have vacuum insulated stainless steel for lasting freshness and autoseal lids to prevent spills. Since it comes as a 2- pack in 9 different color combos, it’s an excellent gift for couples who like to travel. 

4. A Set (or Two) of Packing Cubes

Packing Cubes

Try packing for two in one suitcase. Now try packing for two with a set of packing cubes. It makes a huge difference! Hands down one of the best gifts for couples who travel, this 7 piece set of packing cubes makes organizing and squeeeeezing in every last item a breeze. They are made of strong double layer material to withstand the wear and tear of multiple travels.

5. A Luxurious Stay

Airbnb Gift Cards

Hello choices! If your favorite couple has a unique taste of their own, then take the pressure off yourself and let them pick their next home away from home with an Airbnb gift card. As simple as they are, Airbnb gift cards are always great gifts for traveling couples since they can be used in a last minute pinch or to book on a budget. 

6. Upgraded Travel Backpacks

Osprey Porter 46 Travel Backpack

Backpacking adventures are always a good relationship test for couples both new and old. Help them have one less challenge by gifting them tried and true travel backpacks. Tortuga is a well known travel brand and makes quality backpacks with the smart traveler in mind. Comfortable and convenient, these backpacks make great gifts for traveling couples so they can stress less about their luggage and enjoy more of the travel experience. 

7. A USA Photo Map

USA Photo Map

Have the lovebirds just returned from a US road trip? Or do you think it’s about time they took one? This 50 states travel map tops our gifts for couples who like to travel. They’ll get to customize each state with photos from their fav places, and can use “blank” states to add future sights they’d like to see. Maybe you can even fill some in for them to get it started! 

What gifts for couples who travel did we miss?

We think we covered the spectrum of best gifts for couples who travel. No matter if their traveling style is romantic, relaxing, or rugged, all of these gifts can be suited to match! The perfect couple will have the perfect journey ahead 🙂

Here’s a recap of our great gifts for couples who travel!

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