Going Away Host Family

9 Perfect Goodbye Gifts for a Host Family

The time has come to say goodbye to your “home away from home” and your “family away from family.” We know, it’s tough!! You’ve appreciated all they’ve done and the time they’ve invested to show you the best parts of their city or town – it only makes sense that you want to leave your host family with a farewell gift they won’t forget. (They gave you memories you won’t forget, right?!) We’ve found 9 goodbye gifts for a host family that we think they will love.

The best goodbye gifts for a host family

1. A Photo Collage

A Photo Collage

No matter if you’ve spent one month or a full year with your host family, we are sure you have taken tons of photos! A sentimental goodbye present for host families is a personalized photo collage of your favorite memories with them. This white frame fits a total of 12 photos, all 6x4in in size. It’s made of PVC so it is both lightweight and sturdy and comes ready to be hung on the wall. 

2. Maple Syrup (or other American products, like peanut butter and M&Ms!)

Maple Syrup

No, American themed gifts are not at all cliche! Wouldn’t you want some unique items from a foreigner staying with you? That’s why specific American products that they won’t be able to find easily in their own grocery stores, like this 100% Vermont maple syrup, are sweet (literally) tokens to leave them with. You may need to pack these in the US with you before you travel. They will feel extra special that you’ve decided to share your favorite with them 🙂 

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3. Something that represents your home state

Texas Style Beef Jerky

Whether it’s over home cooked dinners or afternoons in the park, you definitely have shared stories from your favorite places in your own city or state. Maintain that hometown connection with a gift that comes directly from home! 

Some location specific ideas for goodbye gifts for host families

4. A USA Pendant Necklace to Remind Them of You

A USA Pendant Necklace to Remind Them of You

Never let them forget their American “daughter” or “son.”  A sweet and dainty necklace with a USA pendant is a thoughtful gift for a host mom. Did you bond well with your host sister? This necklace can also be for her! It’s stainless steel and anti-allergenic and comes in silver, gold, or rose gold. 

5. Personalized Cutting Board

Personalized Cutting Board

Was learning how to cook the local cuisine (or sharing some of your tips!) a common meal-time activity? If so, a personalized cutting board makes a great host family gift idea. Made from sustainable wood and laser engraved with the family name and year of choice, it’s a nice reminder of memories in the kitchen and the year you were staying with them. 

6. Poems for New Family

Poems for New Family

Family doesn’t only include the one you were born into. If you’ve established a special relationship with a member of your host family, especially an “aunt” or “auntie,” this printed poem lets you share just how much they mean to you. A heartfelt goodbye gift for a host family, it’s printed on designer paper and can be cherished forever. 

7. A Fun Themed Monopoly Game

A Fun Themed Monopoly Game

Were board games often included in family fun nights at home over rainy weekends? Then help them continue the fun with an America themed monopoly game! It includes questions on American trivia and common American people and places. Plus, if you give this as a goodbye gift to your host family days before you leave, you’ll get time to play a round with them too. 

8. Wind Up Toys or Other Kid-Friendly Items

8. Wind Up Toys or Other Kid-Friendly Items

Maybe you were blessed to be placed with a family that has a loooot of kids (or young cousins that were always coming over). Of course you have to include child-friendly gifts for them too. With 24 wind-up toys, you should be covered to have at least 1 or 2 for each of them! While they might seem simple, kids will be so happy to have a special toy from their international guest.  

9. Something They Really Need

The truth is, YOU have been living with them. Maybe there is something they’ve been talking about or an activity they’ve been wanting to do that you can give as a gift. Host family gift ideas can definitely include something the family really needs. They will not only appreciate it, they will remember how thoughtful you were to realize how great a gift it would be. (Added laughter points if you gift a replacement for something you accidentally broke!) 

What other goodbye presents for a host family did we miss?

From sentimental to silly, practical to playful, we hope you’ve found the perfect goodbye gift for your host family. Whether it’s an American themed gift or based on a special memory you share, your host family will be delighted to receive your gift. And we know it’s really more than just a goodbye gift, it’s a token of your appreciation and love for your new found family. Make your last memories count!

Here is our recap of 9 great goodbye gifts for a host family.

  1. A Photo Collage
  2. Maple Syrup
  3. Something that represents your home state
  4. A USA Pendant Necklace to Remind Them of You
  5. Personalized Cutting Board
  6. Poems for New Family
  7. A Fun Themed Monopoly Game
  8. Wind Up Toys or Other Kid-Friendly Items
  9. Something They Really Need

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Anytime Europe Host Family

9 Great American Things to Send to Germany

If your friend or family member is currently living in Germany, they probably miss some things that you can get only in the US. Are you looking for American things to send to Germany? Then you are in the right place.

We’ve compiled 9 American products not available in Germany, and it is your time to decide which one you will choose as a gift for your friends, family members, or host family abroad.

The best American things to send to Germany

1. Giant Bin of Peanut Butter M&Ms

Giant Bin of Peanut Butter M&Ms

 A lot of snacks that can be found in the US aren’t available in German stores. By the way, do they have Reeses in Germany? If they don’t, I am not moving there anytime soon. Well, anyway. If your friend is missing some American candy you can’t get in Germany, then this giant bin of peanut butter M&Ms is the right gift to get them. It is huge, and it will hopefully last them for a few days. 

2. New Dishtowels

Williams-Sonoma Kitchen Towels

This next gift idea is one of the best German host family gifts that you can get. This is a great idea if your friend is currently living in a German household. You will not only make your friend happy, but also the hostess that is taking care of your friend. These dishtowels are made out of cotton and they each have a very unique and beautiful design.  

3. Hydro Flask Water Bottle or Travel Mug

Hydro Flask Water Bottle or Travel Mug

 It doesn’t mean that you cannot find a travel mug anywhere in Germany, but this gift can be one of the best gifts for someone moving to Germany. This Hydro Flask Watter Bottle will come in handy to your friend every time they go on a new adventure in German cities. They can keep their beverage cold everywhere they go. This gift is something that someone wouldn’t even think about buying it for themselves, but when someone gets it for them, they cannot stop not using it.

4. Your Favorite Board Game, like Code Names

Your Favorite Board Game, like Code Names

    “Codenames” is a board game that belongs to the “American things you can’t get in Germany” club. Codenames is a social word game and it is perfect for game nights for the entire family. There is no age limit, so everyone will enjoy it. Your friend might need something to make them feel like home, so why not get them this cool game. 

5. Trader Joe’s Spice/Seasoning Set

Trader Joe’s Spice/Seasoning Set

 If you are still looking for some American things to send to Germany, don’t worry. We have listed some more interesting and unique gifts. The Trader Joe’s Spice and Seasoning set has 7 flavors of spices that your friend can use to cook for their German friends. This is a very thoughtful and amazing gift which you can give to your family member as well. Just make sure they enjoy cooking and put these things to use. 

6. A Custom Craft Beer 6 Pack

A Custom Craft Beer 6 Pack

Your friend has probably told you that Germans love beer. But who doesn’t? Anyway, this next gift is probably one of the greatest American gifts for German friends. It is a bag that your friend can use to put the beers in when going on a trip or a picnic. It holds six bottles of your friend’s beverage and it also has an integrated bottle opener on the side. How cool does this get? It is a very affordable and one of a kind gift. 

7. Cherry Cola

Coca-Cola Cherry

If your friend or family member loves Cherry Cola like me, they would be so thankful to you if you got them this gift. Order a pack of 18 cans of Cherry Cola and make them happy for a few days, because they are probably craving it so badly. It is not something that they can keep for long, but it is the thought that counts. They will never forget how you remembered what their favorite drink is! 

8. National Parks Monopoly

National Parks Monopoly

 We all have played Monopoly at least once in our life. And we all love it, that’s for sure. This gift is unique in its own may. If your friend misses visiting the national parks of the US, then deliver them to their apartment’s doorstep, with this National Parks Monopoly Board Game. They will immediately feel like they are at home. And when they invite their friends over to play, they will be the coolest American with the coolest Monopoly in the neighborhood. 

9. Grade A Maple Syrup

Grade A Maple Syrup

One of the last American things to send to Germany is Grade A Maple Syrup! Your friend or family member cannot find it anywhere in Germany, and they probably miss having pancakes with maple syrup. It is a great gift for pancake lovers. They will be glad they have you as a friend when the mailman delivers the gift to them. You should ask them to record their expression because it will be very entertaining to watch. 

What great American gifts for German friends did we miss? 

Which of these American things to send to Germany you liked most? Which one do you think your friend will love? If you ask me, I think they will love any gift you choose, no matter what.

To recap, here is our go-to list for the best American products not available in Germany:

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