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7 Great Goodbye Gifts for an Exchange Student

It’s hard to say goodbye, and it’s even harder to pick out the perfect going-away present—especially for someone who has had such a big impact on your life in such a short amount of time. The best goodbye gifts for an exchange student are ones that not only show you care and appreciate your time together, but will also give them something to help them remember their time in the United States.

We’ve dug up some pretty clever going away gifts for international students. Parting can be such sweet sorrow, but when you say farewell with a thoughtful gift, your souvenir is a friend for life.

The best goodbye gifts for exchange students

1. An Encouraging Necklace

Compass Necklace, 925 Sterling Silver, Girlfriend Gifts, Long Distance Relationships Gift, Gifts for Wife, for Girlfriend

This encouraging compass necklace is one of the perfect gift ideas for foreign exchange students. She will surely love it! It is classy, cute, with a perfect warming message.  It was the perfect little thing to say “Thank you for being here for me, even when we are going to be apart.”

2. A Nice New Water Bottle (Pro tip: Customize It!)

Hydro Flask Water Bottle - Stainless Steel & Vacuum Insulated - Wide Mouth 2.0 with Leak Proof Flex Cap - 40 oz, Hibiscus

Why not invest in someone you love by giving him/her this nice water bottle like Hydro Flask water bottle from Amazon. This will be ultimately, a great goodbye gifts for an exchange student. You can decorate and personalize it, because who wouldn’t love to carry around a water bottle that’s an extension of who they are on the inside?

3. A State Hoodie

Adult I Love Texas I Heart Texas Sweatshirt Hoodie

The perfect goodbye gift for exchange student is to let a friend/family know how much they are going to be missed! Personalized a Hoodie with a state, country or provinces of your choice and choose from available color options listed. This was the perfect going away gift for a family friend.

4. A Photo Album / Scrapbook

Beautyus Self Adhesive Stick Photo Album Magnetic Scrapbook DIY Anniversary Memory Book for Baby Wedding Family Albums

If you are looking for practical going away gifts for international students, photo album or scrapbook will be a great idea. Make your photo memories into art! This self-stick photo album is casual, artistic, and perfect for keeping your wonderful moments. The perfect gift for anyone who you just want to show how much you care and how much you value their friendship.

5. Some Peanut Butter to Take Home

Justin's Nut Butter Honey Peanut Butter, 28 Ounce

Of course, not everything that’s available in the US will be available in other countries, so think about giving some extra special treats that can be packed in a suitcase, like a peanut butter, or some favorite chocolate bars. Try Justin’s honey peanut butter, it has a lot of good reviews on Amazon. They could be just the cure for when a bit of homesickness strikes.

6. University Paraphernalia

Top of the World NCAA Relaxed Fit Adjustable Hat Team Color Primary Icon

Let them represent their University with pride as he parades in their NCAA school hat. A staple gift that’s for sure to please that special someone who’s leaving the country, a comfy hat that makes a bold impression that can’t be missed. They’ll think home every time they take it off.

7. A Heartfelt Keychain

I Love You More Than The Miles Between Us Long Distance Relationship State Map Keychain Going Away Gift Travel Gift

It’s important to always remember where you came from. Buy him/her a state map keychain with a heartfelt message on it, as a token of both your appreciation and love for her/him. This is a very sentimental goodbye gift for an exchange student that is very special to you. Just remember to keep it small and light as there’s only so much room in their suitcase!

What going away gift ideas for foreign exchange students did we miss?

Your thoughtful gifts can make any students feel at home upon their arrival and can help to say goodbye in style. No matter what kind of ideas you have, you can put together a great goodbye gifts for international students that will always remind them of your time together.

Here is a recap of our great goodbye gifts for an exchange student:

  1. An Encouraging Necklace
  2. A Nice New Water Bottle (Pro tip: Customize It!)
  3. A State Hoodie
  4. A Photo Album / Scrapbook
  5. Some Peanut Butter to Take Home
  6. University Paraphernalia
  7. A Heartfelt Keychain

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Exchange Student Welcome

10 Perfect Welcome Gifts for Exchange Students

Welcome gifts for exchange students are much easier to dream up of—and find—than you might think. Keep in mind that the new student is coming from abroad to live with complete strangers in a foreign, unfamiliar country. To that end, a warm and thoughtful welcome gift can go a long way.

Here is a great list of welcome gifts for exchange students that even the most culture-shocked of students would enjoy receiving. Make them feel at home with any of these thoughtful presents!

The best welcome gifts for exchange students

1. Phone Camera Lens Kit

Phone Camera Lens Kit, 9 in 1 Zoom Universal Telephoto Lens

Who doesn’t love taking pictures?

This easy to carry phone camera kit lens is one great gift choice as welcome gifts for exchange students. They will love how this little tool can transform a simple older phone camera into something more magical! You will surely love the capabilities that come with this kit!

2. Sour Patch Kids (& other candy)

SOUR PATCH KIDS Candy, Original Flavor, 1 Family Size Bag

This Sour Patch Kids candy together with other candies is perfect to fill goodie bags, gift baskets, or treat jars as welcome gifts for exchange students. No matter what country you live in one thing is for sure; sweets are always delicious! Welcome him or her with this tasty treat!

3. New Headphones

JBL TUNE 700BT - Wireless Over-Ear Headphones - White

Wireless options are becoming more and more popular. This JBL Tune wireless over-ear headphone is a very useful welcome gift for foreign exchange student, and can be quite handy even if someone already has a pair of headset. They can leave one at their school locker or in their backpack!

4. Set of Notebooks

Rifle Paper Co. Lively Floral Stitched Notebooks, Set of 3 Lined

These lively floral stitched notebooks are a nice treat or gifts for a student exchange programs, who loves stationeries. Beautiful colours and well made. Perfect size for note taking and fits in a small purse just fine without adding a lot of extra weight.

Gorgeous, perfect for your purpose!

5. Instant Camera

Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 Camera with Fuji Instant Film (40 Sheets) & Accessories Bundle Includes Case, Filters, Album, Lens, and More

Looking for gifts for exchange student programs, that’s sure to put a smile on their faces?

A camera is a cool gift idea because they can take photos of all the different things they see or the people they meet. Plus, this camera feature will get those compliments all the time and bring them nothing but smiles.

6. Trader Joe’s Seasoning Kit

Trader Joe's Spice Seasoning Variety Set - 7 Flavors

Since exchange students will be far away from their family, this Traders Joe’s seasoning kit will be a great welcoming gift so that they not miss home-cooked meals. Few things make a foreign exchange student feel instantly at home than having a meal cooked that they are used to, and preparing their favorite food or meal can be an ideal way to put them at ease.

7. A Pair of Toms

TOMS Women's Classic Canvas Slip-On Shoe

These easy to slip in pair of Toms are gaining popularity among young and women. This could be one of the nice welcome gifts for exchange students. These Toms are casual, comfortable, and somewhat more age-appropriate for them. One of its advantages is that it can be worn even without socks, so it’s a big win for quick errands. 

8. Netflix Subscription

Netflix Gift Cards - Email Delivery

I think Netflix Gift Cards is one of the best ideas as welcome gifts for exchange students. Nowadays everyone is in love with technology especially students. They might get bored or homesick because of the new environment; this will be an alternative entertainment for them. I’m sure your beloved will totally enjoy this kind of gift.

9. Your Location as a Necklace

Lucky Feather State Necklace 14K Gold-Dipped Pendant on Adjustable

Don’t forget that sentimental gifts can go a long way. Welcome students from exchange programs with a gift that will remind them of home or her new country, like this state necklace from Amazon. The charm looks so dainty and they will receive tons of compliments with this necklace for sure.

10. Hydro Flask Travel Coffee Mug

Hydro Flask Travel Coffee Flask with Flex Sip Lid - Multiple Sizes & Colors

This would be cool gifts for exchange students. Welcome them with a Hydro Flask Travel Coffee Mugs and make them feel special in the new country. When presented with such a feel-good gift, the recipient of this mug is sure to feel special. Very classic design with different colors – you may even be tempted to get one for yourself!

What cool gifts for exchange students did we miss? 

We hope the variety of gifts we have suggested will work for you or at least get you an idea. If this gives you your own ideas for perfect welcome gifts for exchange students to make them feel more welcome, secure, and accepted – then we’ve done our job!

To recap, here is our go-to list for great welcome gifts for exchange students:

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Anytime Best Friend Exchange Student For Men For Women

9 Small Travel Gifts They’ll Love

We know that shopping for thoughtful, affordable, and small travel gifts (ya know, the packable kind) is no easy feat. You want to celebrate their adventurous lifestyle or next getaway, but you’re ballin’ on a budget and still need to buy them dozen of drinks at their going away party.

That’s why are thrilled to make shopping for small travel gifts easier for you. If you don’t know what to get for your friend or family member who is traveling abroad soon, then I would suggest you take a look at this list of 9 small travel gifts.

We have chosen the best travel gifts under $25, and even some of the best travel gifts under $10 (you’re a budget master!).

The best small travel gifts

1. Packing Cubes

JJ POWER Travel Packing Cubes, Luggage Organizers with Shoe Bag

Packing and unpacking is the worst part of traveling. Your friend probably hates it too. But what can you do to make the packing process more fun and simple for them? You can get them these cute packing cubes. They are multifunctional and come in different sizes and colors. These packing cubes are a must-have in order to solve all the packing problems. Your friend will know where their favorite shirt is, without having to make any mess. They will love this gift because it will save them a lot of time while packing for their next trip. 

2. Noise Cancelling Ear Buds

Noise Cancelling Ear Buds

Music is a big part of a trip. When your friend is on the plane or the bus, they need to have a good pair of headphones to block the noise that comes from other passengers. In the small travel gifts list,, we have put these noise-canceling earbuds that you can buy for them. They are pretty useful and very affordable too. They have powerful noise isolation and they will become their number one companion. Your friend won’t get bothered by anyone. This way they will be able to enjoy their flight.

3. Canvas Classics from Toms

TOMS Canvas Classics

Do you know that saying: “Good shoes take you to good places”? Well, these shoes sure they do. A good pair of comfortable shoes will make it easier for your friend to have a better time while exploring the streets of that country they are traveling to. They have gotten the attention of our inexpensive travel gifts radar. You cannot go wrong with this gift, because it is something that everyone will like and will find useful. 

4. Power Bank

small travel gifts like power banks

Do you know how annoying it can be when your phone’s battery dies just when you are about to visit an amazing place? This probably happened to your friend, at least once. But it won’t happen anymore, because you are going to get the perfect gift for them; a power bank. A power bank is one of the best small travel gifts that you can get. It is also one of the best cheap travel gifts that you can find. A Power Bank is better than anything else if your friend likes to always take photos and videos with their phones. Because we know how phones are nowadays. Their battery just dies out of nowhere. 

5. Herschel Passport Holder

Herschel Raynor Passport Holder, One Size

Luggage? Check. Phone? Check. Passport? Check. Everything is good to go. But wait. What if I told you that there is this cute gift that you can get for your friend or family member so that they can customize their passport a little bit? It is called the Herschel Passport holder, and I think it is one amazing gift that you can give to someone who travels often. With this gift, they will be reminded of you every time they go on a trip, and be so happy that they have a friend like you. 

6. Travel Scarf with Hidden Zippers

Travel Scarf with Hidden Zippers

Another great gift in the small travel gifts section is this travel scarf with hidden zippers. I am not saying that your friend needs to hide anything in these pockets with hidden zippers, but they can be useful when they need to have their essential things near them all time. Your friend can use this scarf to put their phone, passport, or money inside of it. This way they don’t need to take a bag full of things with them when they are exploring a place. It is also pretty comfortable too! 

7. A Nice Sleep Mask

A Nice Sleep Mask

Sleeping on the plane can be a tough process for your friend. A nice sleep mask will sure help them. This eye mask is made out of cotton and will give your friend a perfect light blockout. It is soft and comfortable thanks to the padding inside of it. Your friend can adjust it, in order to fit their head without tangling their hair or feeling tight. It is a nice gift which they will surely appreciate that you got it for them. 

8. Travel Jewelry Organizer

Travel Jewelry Organizer

My friend is a huge jewelry freak and she takes almost all of her jewelry collection when she goes on a trip. But here is the thing; she cannot stop complaining when it comes to packing the jewelry. If you have a friend like me, then I found the thing that they need to make their traveling better; a jewelry organizer. This gift is the one for them. They can organize their necklaces, rings, earrings, and bracelets without making a big tangled mess. I’m telling you. This gift is their lifesaver!

9. Custom Luggage Tags

Custom Luggage Tags

The last gift idea we have for your friend or a family member are these custom luggage tags. They make a great gift for everyone who travels often. You can personalize these gifts for them, by engraving their names. It is a cute and affordable gift, which will make them happy. Thanks to you, they won’t lose their luggage ever again.

What great inexpensive travel gifts did we miss? 

Which one of these gifts will you be getting for your friend soon? I can assure you that no matter which one of these you choose, they will love it for sure. 

To recap, here is our go-to list for the best small travel gifts:

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Exchange Student

8 Cool Gifts for Exchange Students

If you’ve ever lived abroad, you know how stressful it can be to feel lonely and out of place in the beginning, and how challenging it is at the end when you have to say goodbye to the good friends you’ve made and places you’ve considered home. This is exactly what exchange students on your campus are facing too, and it is wonderful that you are thinking about them! These cool gifts for exchange students can be given for a variety of occasions – welcome gifts, birthday presents, going away mementos, or even “just because.”

Cool gifts for exchange students 

1. A State Necklace

State Necklace

Did you guys take a road trip to all your favorite places in your state? Don’t let her forget it! She will love this 14K gold plated state pendant necklace that she can wear to remember her “second home” in the USA. The necklace is both delicate and stylish, has a 16-18 inch one-size-fits-most chain, and is a great accessory for casual wear. This is a thoughtful gift for a foreign exchange student who will soon be heading back to her home country.

2. America: The Cookbook

America: The Cookbook

Do you ever really get to know a place without knowing its FOOD?? Definitely not. Well this gift idea for foreign exchange students goes even further – not only introducing them to staple American foods, but also letting them try their hand at cooking too! Whether it’s a welcome gift that you can explore in the kitchen together throughout the year, a birthday gift for your foodie friend, or a sayonara gift they can take home to impress their fam, this 800 recipe cookbook is a delish delight.

3. A Netflix Gift Card

Netflix Gift Cards

When you need a study break but it’s too rainy/snowy/humid (insert excuse here) to go outside, Netflix comes to the rescue! Not only is a Netflix gift card a cool gift for foreign exchange students because of its entertainment value, Netflix also offers them low-pressure practice with the English language and a spectrum of historical, political, and cultural movies that can add to their understanding of our great ol’ country. It’s also a top gift idea for Chinese exchange students, since Netflix has yet to be available in China. They might already have a list made of movies they plan to watch!  

4. Peanut Butter & Jelly Kits

Peanut Butter and Grape Jelly Squeeze Packs

You mean, peanut butter and jelly ISN’T a classic combo around the world?! We know. It’s always a surprise the first time you find out your favorite childhood sandwich isn’t a staple in other countries. But that’s why this going away gift idea for foreign exchange students is so necessary. If they’ve come to enjoy and indulge in the gooey combo we grew up on, then you better send them off with their own supply. Especially because they definitely won’t find this brand of health-freaks approved, natural ingredient PB&J pouches they can take on the go.

5. Scratch-Off Map of the United States

Scratch Off United States Map

No exchange student joins an American college without wanting to get some travelling done too. This detailed, scratch-off USA map poster ranks high among welcome gifts for exchange students. The 17 by 24 inch map comes with its own bucket list to kick-start planning. The map then turns into a colorful piece of art as they use the scratch tool, push pins, and stickers to track their travels. This is one gift they won’t leave the US without.

6. National Parks Pass

National Parks Pass

If you live in California, Alaska, Utah, or Colorado (or any neighboring state), a unique gift idea for foreign exchange students is a pass to the many National Parks you have at your disposal. A National Parks pass not only opens the door to US’s 62 National Parks, but also to national wildlife refuges and national forests and grasslands. The perks extend to up to one carload or 3 additional people along with the pass holder. This is particularly a great German exchange student gift idea, so they can compare the natural wonders of the US to the natural wonders of their home.

7. A Relevant Wild Sam Travel Guide (Or Set)

Wildsam Field Guides Series Book Series

Living in or near-to a major US city? Planning a trip to take the new exchange students for an out of state adventure? With the tagline “Feel at home wherever you go,” a Wild Sam Field Guide is a cool gift for exchange students any time of the year. It’s not your standard tourist guide, but a way to delve into a city’s secrets and soul, find the hotspots your grandparents went to, and enjoy with your entire group.

8. A Photo Frame—Featuring Your Favorite Memories!

Customizable Letter Board with 8-Opening Photo Collage

Saying goodbye is never easy, but photos of memories can bring smiles to take the pain away. This 19 by 17 inch collage frame contains one central letter board surrounded by 8 individual photo frames of different sizes. 144 letters and numbers are included to customize the letter board with your own unique message. A thoughtful gift for a foreign exchange student, plus lightweight so it can travel back home. (Note that it is made of plastic and a few reviews have been mixed about quality.)

Shop thoughtful gifts for a foreign exchange student!

Whether saying “welcome!” or “good bye!” or “we’re so glad to have you here!” – a foreign exchange student will absolutely love the kindness and hospitality shown to her through these gifts. If some of these cool gifts for exchange students end up being a few of your own favorite items, we get that, too 😉

Here’s a recap of our cool gifts for exchange students!

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Exchange Student

10 Great Gifts for International Students

Coming to America from a foreign country can be difficult, and finding gifts for international students that make them feel welcomed can be an overwhelming challenge for their hosts. After all, everything is new and confusing for these students, and life can be a bit overwhelming—especially around holiday seasons.

Friends and coworkers often try to extend their help and companionship but may feel at a loss as to what gifts to get for exchange students and how to best integrate them into this new culture. For example, how does one know what to get a foreign exchange student for Christmas? What are good gifts for exchange students during holidays both new and old? Are American gifts for foreign exchange students appropriate, or would they rather have something more familiar? Navigating cultural differences is a challenge for everyone. 

Of course, it is important to extend invitations to social gatherings and events, and it is always kind to offer assistance when needed. However, in order to truly show you care, offering a gift for a foreign exchange student is a unique and personal way to extend your companionship and introduce them to new aspects of our culture. Seriously, you can give them a whole cultural lesson if you play your cards right and find the perfect American gifts for foreign exchange students.

Whether you’re shopping for something little and personalized or bigger and more extravagant, you’re sure to find the perfect gifts for exchange students below! 

10 gift ideas for foreign exchange students

1. Kindle Paperwhite

kindle paperwhite

If you want to truly go all-out, the Kindle Paperwhite is one of the best gifts for international students and is a fantastic way to spoil any traveler. International commutes are long, and jet-lag can often make sleeping difficult. Help students pass the time with the extremely lightweight Kindle Paperwhite. Containing an extremely long-lasting battery life and being waterproof, this device is the ideal travel companion for any exchange student. Help them remember home with texts in their language and practice their English or discover new passions with American books, podcasts, and more. If you’re wondering what to get a foreign exchange student for Christmas, look no further! 

2. Action Camera

action camera

If you’re looking to be a little extravagant with your gifting without going overboard, this action camera rules. Pair it with the travel journal listed above, and help the foreign exchange student in your life document their travels digitally and create a sort of scrapbook to remember their time in America. This camera is designed for travel and water resistance, so it can be taken and trusted to deliver breathtaking photos anywhere throughout the U.S. 

Want to upgrade? Consider the GoPro Hero7!

3. Hot Dog Toaster

hotdog toaster cool gifts for exchange students

Silly, awesome, or… just plain awesome?

As far as American gifts for foreign exchange students go, what’s more American than hot dogs? However, they don’t make the most ideal gifts. Therefore, these hot dog toasters make the best gifts for international students. Use them as a funny and functional way to remind exchange students of all the quintessential American activities and foods they partook in and consumed during their travels.

These hot dog toasters also serve as the perfect gift ideas for Chinese exchange students (or others) to be introduced to the American white elephant tradition. Delight in their confusion and laughter as they unwrap this truly unique present and learn of this strange custom of gag-gifts. Coming in at a fairly affordable cost, this item is sure to bring a smile to the recipient’s face for years to come as they remember the fun memories behind it.

*Adds one to personal shopping cart*

4. Personalized Christmas Ornament

ornament for exchange students

Still wondering what to get a foreign exchange student for Christmas?

As previously stated, one of the biggest obstacles for friends and hosts during an exchange student’s stay is often knowing what to get a foreign exchange student for Christmas. However, there’s no need to spend hours searching for the perfect item, because these personalized Christmas ornaments is one of our favorite gift ideas for foreign exchange students, no matter where they’re from. Pick your favorite memory, their favorite place, or any other special moment.

Then, add dates, lettering, and more to create a truly heartfelt present that can be kept for years to come and will serve as a reminder of your friend’s special time in America and of you. 

5. A Nice Passport Wallet

passport wallet gifts for international students

More convenient than the typical passport holder, these passport wallets are cool gifts for exchange students as they make traveling a breeze as they allow for easy access to passports, credit cards, cash, and anything else students may need. Compact and affordable, these passport wallets also come in a variety of colors to fit any outfit, season, or personality. 

6. State Necklace

state necklaces gifts for exchange students

These necklaces are a perfect gift for international students to help them carry a piece of their temporary homes with them wherever they go. Making the perfect Christmas presents, these necklaces can easily be customized to include any state and are the perfect addition to any outfit. 

Tip: This is a really popular goodbye gift for an exchange student!

7. International Power Adapter

travel plug adapter

In today’s world, everyone is always plugged in, and ALWAYS looking for a charger it seems. However, when traveling across countries, not all outlets are created equal, and students may find themselves needing to buy entirely new electronics when the correct cords cannot be found or used. Save them the trouble with this affordable international power adapter.

These ideal gifts for international students can be used wherever they go. That way they can save money and hassle and stay in better touch with loved ones through familiar devices. 

8. Travel Journal 

travel journal from wandrd

These travel journals are one of our go-to gift ideas for foreign exchange students, as journals are every bit as sentimental as they are useful. Add on a pack of colorful pens, and let the foreign exchange students in your life document their journey, wherever it takes them.

9. Long Distance Touch Bracelet Set

bond touch bracelets for international students

Traveling any amount of distance can be daunting. It’s easy to get swept up in the magnitude of the world, and constantly moving from place to place can feel lonely. Let the foreign exchange students in your life know they are always in  your heart with this long distance touch bracelet set. Coming in at a very affordable price, these easily answer the question of what to get a foreign exchange student for Christmas, particularly those leaving after the first semester of classes is finished. Simply touch your bracelet to let them know they’re on your mind and never alone or forgotten. 

10. Face Masks

face masks for exchange students

It’s no secret that traveling can take a toll on one’s skin, and international flights are no joke. Whether the foreign exchange student is traveling right away or staying in town, these masks are a fun way they can treat themselves to a pamper night to unwind and destress after a long day of learning a new culture or traveling back home. 

Buy meaningful gifts for international students

Whether you want to help the foreign exchange student in your life feel closer to home, better immerse them in American culture, or simply show them you care, all of the items on this list make amazing gifts for international students and come in at a variety of price points to meet your needs.

Feel free to mix and match items to create the perfect gift for in your life. However, no matter what you choose, it really is the thought that counts, and these cool gifts for exchange students are sure to touch the student in your life. Whether you choose something sentimental, useful, or a combination of the two these gifts for international students are a gesture that will remind students of their precious time in the United States and the lifelong friends they made along the way.

Authored by Shyanne Reynolds

Shyanne Reynolds works as a Virtual Assistant and does copywriting on the side. She graduated from Indiana University in May of 2019 with an English degree. Her skill set includes Tailwind, Convertkit, Canva, Excel, Microsoft, Squarespace, WordPress, and more!

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