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9 Steps to the Perfect Study Abroad Gift Basket

So, someone you know is leaving to go and study abroad: Whether it’s a family member, your daughter, sister, brother, friend, you want to give them the perfect present to remember you by.

It can be quite daunting trying to pick out the best gift for them, which is why putting together a study abroad gift basket for them shows the care and thought gone into making an important moment in their life extra special.

This article guides you through the nine steps to create a thoughtful travel gift basket, with items that are not only useful and essential in student life abroad but are thoughtful, luxurious gifts to make this moment memorable.

Awesome items to include in a study abroad gift basket

Knock it out of the park when you add these items to your next study abroad gift basket.

1. Zoppen Travel Passport Wallet

Any traveler needs to keep their important documents and passport safe at all times, so the Zoppen passport wallet is an ideal solution. Made with high-density, nylon fabric, the wallet is not only durable but water-proof as well, meaning your documents are safe from the weather. Inside the wallet, you have two passport pouches, a boarding pass pocket, a pen holder, two zipper bags, six card slots, a mesh bag, and a removable keychain and wrist strap, and it’s lightweight and easy to organize — what more could you ask for? It also comes in different colors, so check it out.

2. RAVPower 26800mAh Portable Charger 26800

ravpower battery pack for study abroad

With a colossal battery power of 26,800mAh, this RAVPower portable charger is a great addition to the study abroad gift basket. With 9 days worth of power stored in one charge, you’ll have peace of mind that your devices won’t lose battery when you’re out and about. With three 2.0 USB slots to provide charging for three devices at the same time, this superb power bank charges smartphones up to six times over, and a tablet at twice over 9 days on average, with unrestrained use per charge — how crazy is that?

3. Wantdo Hooded Jacket

outerwear jacket hoodie for study abroad

The weather changes in every country, so making sure you have the essential clothing to keep you warm is a must. Available in both men and women’s versions, this nylon jacket is windproof and DWR (durable water repellent), which helps to keep you warm whatever the weather. What makes this jacket stand out is the quality of fabric, its durability, the media port and earphone line located in the inner pocket—perfect for listening to music while running and walking. To top it all off, the fabric is lightweight, breathable and compact, meaning it doesn’t take up much space as it can be stowed away in the small bag that it comes with.

4. SublimeWare Power Travel Adaptor

travel adapter

Don’t you hate it when your pins sink back into the travel adaptor? Well, fear no more as the SublimeWare Power Travel Adaptor has a unique pin locking mechanism that will ensure this will never happen again. A must for any traveler, and an especially great travel gift for a student studying abroad, this gadget enables you to travel in over 150 countries worldwide. This all-in-one travel adaptor boasts four USB ports, so you can simultaneously charge four devices in any country, without the hassle of keeping track of multiple adaptors. This makes a fantastic addition to the study abroad gift basket.

5. Kindle Paperwhite

kindle paperwhite

As much as books are great to feel in your hand as you turn the pages, chances are that the person you’re intending to give this study abroad gift basket to will not have a lot of room for many books. So how about giving them access to over a million titles and bestsellers from one device? The Kindle Paperwhite is the lightest of the range yet, and a single charge of the battery lasts for weeks. Enjoy millions of books on the go whenever and wherever with the built-in adjustable light. The Kindle Paperwhite now comes with Audible also, so stick your headphones in and listen, rather than read. It is now also waterproof and has a 300 PPI glare-free display – so you can go and enjoy it on the beach.

6. Luggage with battery pack

carry on luggage with battery pack for study abroad

This is the ultimate luggage option for the over-packer. The two oversized wheels enable the traveler to have a whopping 20% more packing space. For the tech fans, this luxury Samsonite carry-on luggage has a removable battery that is allowed on all airlines as it’s TSA and airline approved. You’ll never have to sit on this luggage to close it, as it comes with assisted compression to help you zip it up; its padded sleeves for laptops and tablets help to keep them safe while traveling also. Overall, you get 35% more expansion, which means an extra 15 liters on top of the 45 liters it already has — it is the best option on the market right now.

7. Yorepek Charging Travel Backpack

yorepek backpack for study abroad

Every traveler needs a backpack, so how about one with 20 pockets and an external USB port with charging cable? The tear and water-resistant Yorepek backpack has it all: a large capacity of 45 liters with three main compartments that has many hidden pockets, a deep side zipper pocket for easy access to your essentials and a whole lot more — it’s your very own Mary Poppins’ magic bag, and it can charge your phone!

The backpack is very thoughtfully-designed, so you can thread your headphones through to use them while charging your phone. You can easily stow away your laptop and your other travel essentials, and still have room to spare.

8. Smartphone camera lens kit

smartphone camera lens kit for study abroad

While there are many affordable DSLR cameras available nowadays, there are many smartphones out there with a good quality camera anyway — so why not utilize that and add a smartphone camera lens to your phone? The Olloclip multi-device clip is one of the best in the market, with a 3-in-1 lens kit, including a super wide-angle to get those panoramic scene shots, a macro, and a fisheye. It’s super light to travel with, works with all camera apps and is fantastic for creating videos, live broadcasting, time-lapse, panorama and 360° VR. This kit provides everything you need to create high-quality memories of traveling abroad.

You might not think of it at the onset, but this phone upgrade is definitely one travel gift for a student studying abroad that they won’t forget.

9. Coordinate keychains

coordinate keychains

The latest gadgets and tech are great and everything, but sometimes adding a personal touch is what’s needed. People love personal and sentimental gifts, especially someone who’s leaving home. They may get homesick sometimes and miss you, so these personalized coordinate keychains are the perfect, quality gift to remind them of home in a lovely way. Having the coordinates of where they’re from and a compass engraved into the metal will remind them of pleasant memories of home whilst they’re away. You can also engrave other words etched into the gift; these are the perfect final addition to your epic travel gift basket.

Don’t forget the basket!

But wait, no study abroad gift basket is complete without…the actual basket. Take a look at this highly recommended Wicker Basket: the strong folding double handles make this basket particularly unique and the natural design ensures that the basket is also eco-friendly. However, I wouldn’t recommend attempting to put the carry-on luggage in the basket!

Another recommendation that would make a unique gift basket is to use the carry-on luggage as the gift basket! It makes for a really fun surprise when your traveling friend or family member receives the gift, then opens it up for even more thoughtful treasures before they depart on their travels.

Make your study abroad gift basket one to remember!

These steps have been put together to help you choose the perfect gifts to include in your study abroad gifts basket with ease. Whether they’re off to study in Europe or further afield, make sure that your study abroad gift basket to them is one to remember. They will appreciate the thoughtfulness, time, and effort that goes into creating the luxury basket full of gifts, and leaves them feeling prepared for their adventure abroad. What more could you want in a travel gift for a student studying abroad?

Authored by Lauren Raybould

lauren raybould writer and editor

Lauren is a freelance writer and editor in the UK; after graduating with a degree in Creative Writing and Journalism, she went on to become a Magazine Journalist at a local B2B magazine, before taking the plunge into the freelance world. Currently, she is setting up her own editing and copywriting business, The Night Owl.

When she’s not writing or editing, she’s taking her dogs for a walk, going to gigs, or curled up with a crime book and a cuppa.

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Gift Basket

12 Awesome Items to Add to a Study Abroad Care Package

Opening up a box filled a little piece of home will mean the world to your study abroad student. Creating the perfect study abroad care package filled with essentials and goodies will show how much you care and support them. It can help boost their morale and ease some of that homesickness. Plus, they’re easy to put together!

Study abroad care package ideas BEFORE they go

If you’re putting together a little travel gift basket as a going away present, be sure to include items like…

1. Fujifilm Instax Mini

instax for study abroad

In the digital age, taking a photo is as simple as whipping out your phone and snapping a photo in seconds. While it’s definitely convenient, there’s just something different about being able to physically hold a photo in your hand. Instant cameras are becoming popular because the pictures print instantly. They also make cute decorations!

2. The Study Abroad Journal

study abroad journal

In the same spirit of keeping memories, a travel journal is a fun way to record thoughts and experiences while planning your goals and future. Ths study abroad journal is both a thoughtful and practical item to add in care packages for students studying abroad.

3. Maximizing Study Abroad: A Students’ Guide to Strategies for Language and Culture Learning and Use

maximizing study abroad

One of the most notable experiences you get from studying abroad that you cannot replicate in a classroom is being fully immersed in another country’s culture and being surrounded by their language. As exciting as it is, the thought of it can be equally frightening! Adding a strategy guide in a study abroad care package can help calm the nerves while providing the student with tips and tricks that will help them make the most of their time abroad.

4. Trifold passport wallet

passport wallet for study abroad

A travel abroad student can only carry so many things in their luggage and carry on. That’s why a trifold passport wallet is perfect to include in care packages for students studying abroad. Having all the important documents like your license, boarding pass, and passport, in one, easy to access place, will make the travel portion of the trip so much easier. 

5. Travel plug adapter

study abroad plug

Keeping our devices charged is important with how much information has gone digital. Imagine being at an airport and looking for a place to plug in your device, only to realize that your plug won’t fit! Outlets are not something you really think about when you travel because in the US because they’re all the same. Believe it or not, there are different plug types. Having a travel plug adapter saves you the hassle of trying to figure out what plug you need for your destination.

6. Cotopaxi Travel Pack

cotopaxi study abroad backpack

Nothing says “Have a blast abroad” like this gorgeous, multi-colored (not to mention well-built and super high quality) backpack from Cotopaxi. A daypack is a wonderful gift to give your traveling loved one, especially since it’s oft-overlooked and can make their weekend jaunts (and cheap budget flights) a breeze.

What to put in care packages for students studying abroad RIGHT NOW

Is your study abroad bud currently abroad? They’ll love these surprise treats.

7. GoPro Hero 7

gopro for study abroad

Nothing says “We miss you a ton!” like this incredible camera, the perfect companion for all of their wild study abroad adventures.

8. A travel scarf

travel scarf for study abroad

No matter where the study abroad student is headed, a travel scarf is a must-have. Not only are scarves a simple way to dress up an outfit, but a travel scarf also has a compartment where you can store your phone and wallet. 

9. Spa day set

spa day before study abroad

Being a student is stressful enough, but being a student in a foreign land can be extra stressful. An at-home (or at-dorm) spa day is a great way to relieve some of that stress. It’s an easy way to temporarily disengage from everything going on, slow down, and recollect yourself. Plus, certain smells like lavender can aid in stress reduction.

10. Coffee and tea set

coffee and tea for study abroad student

Whether you’re studying close to home or across the seas, there is one thing all students have in common: the hours and hours spent learning material. Sometimes this means pulling an all-nighter or two, and many times this means having some caffeine for the much-needed energy boost. 

11. Spotify Premium gift card

spotify gift card for study abroad

Most students like to study with some music in the background, but music streaming services like Spotify can offer even more to students studying abroad. Podcasts are a great way for students to practice listening to foreign languages. There are many podcasts dedicated to language learners of all levels that will help students speak naturally and not like they’re reading from a textbook.

12. Personalized home state necklace

homestate necklace for study abroad students

Even though we have FaceTime and Skype to stay connected with someone studying abroad, there will still be times when the homesickness kicks in. A personalized necklace with their home state will ensure that they always have a little piece of home with them. Adding a necklace to care packages for students studying abroad is perfect because they’re small and easy to bring along everywhere.

Pre-made study abroad care packages

Don’t have time to whip up something custom? No sweat.

Me to You Box

me to you box care package for study abroad

If you don’t have time to go to the store or wait around for items to arrive, you can use a service like the Me to You Box. They curate care packages packed with high-quality items, and you can build your own care package online. This option is great for people who are in a time crunch and want to cross off “Go to the post office” from their to-do list.

Toiletry Kits

toiletry kit for study abroad

You can also buy this sweet travel kit with all the necessities Keeping track of all the TSA rules is a hassle, even if you are a travel veteran. Instead of looking up whether this shampoo bottle is good to go or if that lotion is acceptable, pick up a travel kit with all the necessities. Everything in a travel kit is TSA compliant and fits in a compact case, making it easy to quickly freshen up after a long flight or in a busy airport.

Here’s the men’s version, too!

Carry-On Friendly Cocktail Kit

cocktail kit for study abroad

Give them the gift of six delicious cocktails to make that long haul flight more bearable (ideally, they’ll share them with a new friend!). This simple, yet cute little kit is one of our favorite pre-made care package ideas for students studying abroad.


crave box study abroad

We all the know the way to their heart is byway of their stomach!

Having a snack from home means more than you think. The smell and taste of certain foods can bring you back to your childhood, which makes a snack gift basket a staple for study abroad care package ideas. Sharing snacks is also a way for a student studying abroad to connect with their new friends.

Make their day with these study abroad care package ideas!

Whether a student is preparing to start their study abroad journey or already there, a study abroad care package will always be appreciated. This simple, yet powerful gesture tells your study abroad student that you support them no matter how far apart you are. Who knew snacks and treats had this much influence!

Authored by Arianna Fangonilo

Arianna Fangonilo

Arianna Fangonilo, who also goes by Arianna Lynne online, is a freelancer from Kodiak, Alaska who decided to take her life into her own hands and pursue a lifestyle outside of the typical 9-to-5 job. She spends her days doing what she loves most: writing and creating. In her spare time, she can be found taking and teaching dance classes, binge-watching anime, or cuddling with her cats, Hurricane and Pippins. She also creates content for her lifestyle and fitness blog called Chasses ‘n Lattes where she hopes to inspire, encourage, and empower women by promoting a healthy mind and body through dance and fitness.