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9 Bloody-Awesome Gifts for Someone Going to London to Study

Here you are, suddenly browsing gifts for someone going to London. You only just found out that your best friend / child / grandchild / niece / nephew is going to study abroad in London—and it’s caught you quite off guard. Yes, it’s a long way, yes, you’ll worry about them, and, of course—you’ll miss […]


12 Beautiful Pieces of Travel Quotes as Wall Art

“Though we travel the world over to find the beautiful, we must carry it with us or we find it not.” Ralph Waldo Emerson may have intended for listeners to take away a deeper meaning upon hearing his words of wisdom, but there shouldn’t be a problem with taking them…well, literally. When you can’t jetset […]

Survival Kit

10 Things to Include in a Travel Survival Kit Gift

Do you have a loved one studying abroad in the upcoming future? It’s natural to want to give them a parting gift or two to help make the transition as smooth as possible (and to avoid them forgetting about you, picking up their life, and never coming back—right?!). 😉 Creating the perfect study abroad survival […]

Best Friend

What’s the Perfect Travel Gift for a Student Studying Abroad?

Leaving the country is a momentous occasion that many citizens never get to experience. However, for a lucky few, visiting another country can be more than a week-long excursion. Some get to eat, breathe, and live in the other culture as an honorary local through study abroad programs. It’s a given that any young adult […]